• Take time for a wonderful evening stroll around the village

  • Or slightly further to take in the view from Hagenborgvej

  • Take a walk in the lovely park around Glorup Manor

  • Be impressed by the Damme Stone in Hesselager

  • Experience the fabled Regisse Spring in Frørup

  • Visit Denmark’s only preserved ship’s grave from the Viking Age

  • Take a break at Kongshøj Mølledam

Once you have arrived at Villa Kastell B&B, you may wish to take a short afternoon or evening trip somewhere. Here are a few exciting places you may want to explore, all within easy reach of our wonderful local area.

Here are the options for guests wishing to walk/run/cycle. Or maybe go for a short drive by car.

Experiences in the local area around Villa Kastell B&B

Experiences in the local area around Villa Kastell B&B

The village of Tårup

Tårup is a small, but very lively village on East Funen, 10 kilometres from Nyborg Castle and the city of Nyborg itself as well as the motorway to Jutland and Zealand. We have superfast fibre broadband, many local sports and activity clubs, passionate inhabitants, a village council and a very active community. Children only have to travel a few kilometres to get to school. They ride on a cycle path or take the school bus. Of course, East Funen is also famous for its beautiful scenery – and we live right in the middle of it. Our neighbours are the eagles above us, the forests around us and the fresh bathing water of the Great Belt.

Glorup Manor

Glorup, which is located about 12 kilometres from the city of Nyborg, is one of Denmark’s most interesting manor houses. Glorup was built in the 1590s as a four-wing Renaissance manor, but was transformed into a small and elegant Baroque castle in 1765. Glorup has a very impressive park which is open to the public.

Regisse Spring

Regisse Spring to which pilgrims flocked in Catholic times can be found south-west of Frørup. As a pilgrimage church, the church enjoyed substantial income from the sale of spring water, and it was expanded and became quite large in proportion to the size of the village. In the 16th century, a market arose around the spring, but it degenerated and was finally abolished. In 1903, the spring was restored by local men.

The Damme Stone

is Denmark’s largest stone. It is located close to the village of Hesselager in the south-east of Funen. The Damme Stone was brought here from Southern Sweden by the ice during the last Ice Age and is called an erratic boulder. The stone is 10 metres high, has a circumference of 45.8 metres and weighs 1,000 tons. The Damme Stone consists of medium-grained granite, is red-grey in colour and it has small bands of a volcanic rock called diabase in several places. The Damme Stone has been the source of innumerable myths and legends.

The Viking Museum in Ladby

Step into the burial mound of the Ladby Ship to view the remains of the ship. Experience many other Viking Age finds in the exhibition building which tells the story of the Viking period in the area around Kerteminde. View the museum’s interpretation of a Ladby nobleman’s funeral and last journey: The Ship of Death. Outside, the reconstruction of the large Viking ship from the grave is being built. With the enchanting fjord landscape and the museum’s use of art in its exhibitions – this is an extraordinary experience.

Visit Nyborg

Look up along the cobbled street with its large linden trees. You will see the Land Gate in front of you. The city’s entry point for many centuries. The historical fortification with its moats and ramparts is all around you. Luckily, the large gates are open, and you are welcome to walk straight into the King’s City – the first capital of Denmark – Nyborg.